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How do I unlock my Vodafone device if I’m not a Vodafone customer?

If you’ve bought a device from a third party and it’s locked to Vodafone, you can either join us as a new customer or get the device unlocked to use on another network.

We can only unlock your device when we’re sure it belongs to you. The best way to confirm this is by getting a free Pay as you go SIM online or in one of our stores and using it for 30 days – a necessary step to protect against fraudsters. You’ll then be able to complete the form to request a Network Unlock Code (NUC)

Please note: if you were given the phone by a friend or family member, the best thing to do is get them to unlock it for you. It doesn’t matter if they’ve already upgraded or left Vodafone. 

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If you need to unlock your device or SIM in a different way, see our Unlock your phone page

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