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Why can't I tether or set up a personal hotspot on my device?

There’re lots of reasons why you may be having problems tethering or sharing data from your phone or tablet. Here are some of the more common ones.

Does your device support it?

Some devices can’t be used for tethering or as personal hotspots – check our device guides to see if yours can, and get help setting it up. Please bear in mind that some manufacturers have different names for tethering or personal hotspots (such as USB tethering or internet sharing).

Do you have enough signal?

To tether your device, or use it as a personal hotspot, you’ll need a good 4G or 3G data signal. Our coverage checker will show you the signal strength in your area – and any temporary or unexpected network issues that may be affecting where you are.

Does your mobile internet work?

Turn off Wi-Fi and make sure you can connect to the mobile internet.

If you can’t and you have signal showing, follow the instructions on How do I set up my phone for internet access and picture messaging (MMS)?

If you’re tethering, have you installed your device?

If you’re trying to connect your device to a laptop or computer using a USB cable, you’ll need to make sure it’s installed correctly.

In case you need help with this, you’ll need to visit the phone manufacturer’s website.

Alternatively, if your device supports it, try enabling a personal hotspot on your phone. It’s then as simple as connecting through Wi-Fi. Check our device guides for help.

Restart your device

Sometimes just turning a device off and on again can fix a problem, especially on smartphones.

Contact us or visit a store

If you’ve checked all of the above and still can’t use tethering or set up a hotspot, get in touch with us or visit your nearest Vodafone store