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How do I share my device’s data connection through a personal hotspot or tethering?

Personal hotspots and tethering are methods of sharing your mobile device’s data connection with another device, like a laptop or games console. So, if you’re in an area with no Wi-Fi, but you have a 4G or 3G signal, you can use that signal to go online. If you do this frequently we recommend you monitor your data usage in the My Vodafone app
A personal hotspot lets you share your device’s data wirelessly, so it’s also called ‘wireless tethering’ or a ‘Wi-Fi hotspot.’ You can find out more about setting up a personal hotspot in our device guides under ‘Connectivity’.

Tethering lets you do the same thing, using a USB cable instead of a wireless connection.

You can also access a network of BT wireless hotspots on the go. Use the My Vodafone app to find one in your area.

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