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Who can get 4G Calling?

To benefit from 4G calling, you’ll need to have bought one of the following phones from us and be in an area that supports it


  • XZ
  • XZ Premium
  • XZ1
  • XZ1 Compact


  • S7
  • S7 Edge
  • S8
  • S8 Plus


  • P10
  • P10+

Also, you’ll need to be using one of these plans:

  • Red
  • Red Extra
  • Red Entertainment
  • Red Value Bundle
  • Business Value
  • Business Extra
  • Business Premier
  • Business Black
  • Red Sharer
  • Business Plus
  • Business Advantage
  • Vodafone Public Sector Inclusive
  • Vodafone Public Sector Standby

Please note: if you bought your phone from us with a Red or Red Value Bundle and now you’re on a Red Extra or Red Entertainment plan, you’ll still be able to get 4G calling.