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How do I check if my area has 4G coverage, or when it is coming?

You can find out if 4G is in your local area, or if we plan to bring coverage to you soon.

Our Network Status Checker shows where you can connect to 4G throughout the UK. You can also check coverage using the My Vodafone app. Simply open the Network tools section of the main menu and choose Network Status Checker.

What do I do if 4G isn’t available in my area yet?

If 4G isn’t available in your area yet, you can still use a 4G device on our 3G network. This way you’ll be ready to connect to 4G wherever it’s available. Why not check our Network Status Checker to see if we’re planning to bring you 4G in the next three months?

Will 4G continue to be supported?

We’re committed to keeping you connected, and that’s why we’re continuing to expand our 4G network by building new masts that will increase our coverage and capacity. We’re also adding 4G to some of our existing 3G and 2G masts. 

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