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What is Vodafone UK’s privacy policy?

We want to retain our customers’ trust in us, and recognise that keeping your personal information safe is a core part of maintaining this trust. Our privacy policy is available on the Vodafone UK website. Additional information about how personal information may be used is also set out in the form of Privacy Supplements for specific services and also through the use of highlight/just in time notices.

Ahead of the UK General Data Protection Regulation coming into force, we’re currently working on a new Privacy Portal for our customers which aims to provide the detail required in a way that is simple for you to understand. The new privacy policy will be set out in layers, with high-level detail up front and then allowing customers to navigate into additional layers of detail. We’re aiming to be able to communicate the changes to the portal and policy to our customers in Spring 2018.

In the new portal, customers will be able to access detail of dates when the privacy policy was changed, and also detail around those material changes. For further information regarding our policies and principles on privacy, visit the Vodafone Digital Rights and Freedoms Reporting Centre

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