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Will there be a difference in the call quality if I use Wi-Fi Calling?

Your call quality will depend on the strength and quality of your internet connection and Wi-Fi signal.

If you’re connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal supported by a good internet connection, you shouldn’t notice a difference in call quality. We recommend a Wi-Fi connection speed of at least 1Mbps to use Wi-Fi Calling.

If the call quality is consistently poor, the Wi-Fi signal or internet connection may not have enough bandwidth to support Wi-Fi Calling. This often happens when a lot of people are using the Wi-Fi or internet connection at the same time, or are using it for bandwidth-intensive tasks like streaming movies.

You should also check if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, as not all Wi-Fi networks will keep you logged in indefinitely.

If your call isn’t connected by the Vodafone Broadband network, we can’t guarantee the call quality. If you’re having issues with your Vodafone Home Broadband, please chat to us online at the end of this section.

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