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I’m struggling to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, what should I do?

First make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device – our device guides can show you how.

For issues connecting to BT Wi-fi, if you’re a Pay monthly customer you’ll first need to check whether access to BT Wi-fi is included in your plan. You can find out by checking the My Vodafone app or by logging into My Vodafone. Choose your Pay monthly mobile number and then go to Services and extras.

If you’re a Pay as you go customer, you won’t have any access included in your TopUp allowances or Big Value Bundle, and you’ll need to pay to access BT Wi-fi.

For issues connecting to WiFi on the London Underground, you’ll need to ensure you have a compatible plan. Only Pay monthly phone customers with a monthly Wi-Fi allowance can access this network without charge.

If you don’t automatically connect to the WiFi on the Underground, first check your device's Wi-Fi is activated. Then, in the Wi-Fi settings, choose ‘Virgin Media Wi-Fi’.

Open the browser which will take you to the Virgin Media portal. Choose the Vodafone icon, enter your My Vodafone username and password on the registration page and refresh your browser.

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