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How do I disable Message+?

You can delete the Message + app from your device. As the app uses Rich Communication Services (RCS), you can disable Message+ by turning off RCS in your device’s settings.

It’s slightly different for each device. Always start in Settings.


  • Go to Chat settings
  • Choose RCS settings
  • Un-tick RCS
  • Click Yes to confirm


  • Go to More
  • Find Rich communication
  • Un-tick Rich communication
  • Confirm disable


  • Go to Accounts and Sync
  • Choose Rich Communications settings
  • Choose off
  • Click OK to confirm


  • Go to Rich communications
  • Enable Rich communications
  • Choose de-activate
  • Click Yes to confirm



  • Go to Apps
  • Select Call+ & Message+
  • Choose Disable

Note: As your chat threads are saved in the app itself, you’ll lose them if you delete the app. However, you’ll keep any text messages as these will stay in your message inbox.

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