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What is the Vodafone Boost feature and how do I manage it?

The Device Boost feature lets you prioritise the signal of a chosen device for an even faster signal. This is ideal when, for example, one user might want a faster connection to stream a movie, while another user on the same network only wants to browse social media or send emails. 

To enable Device Boost:

1. Open the Vodafone Broadband app
2. From the dashboard, select the Device Boost option underneath the Connected Devices tile
3. You’ll now see a list of all the devices connected to your Vodafone Broadband. Select the device you’d like to boost, and then choose how long you want the boost to last
4. Your chosen device will now be boosted, and you’ll be able to see how much boost time is left 
5. To stop boosting your device, simply select the Stop boost option next to the time remaining

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