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Am I eligible to claim the Ultimate Broadband Guarantee?

To be eligible for the Ultimate Broadband Guarantee discount, you need to:

  1. Be on an eligible plan purchased after 1 March 2018
  2. Have your sync speed measured as lower than the guaranteed speeds in the Vodafone Broadband app.
  3. Have a line that has been active for at least 10 days

Guaranteed sync speeds are:

  • Superfast 1: 25Mbps
  • Superfast 2: 55Mbps

Testing sync speed in the Vodafone Broadband app:

  • Go to Info & Support in the main menu
  • If you're eligible to claim the discount, you'll see a redemption button just under your sync speed value in the Vodafone Connect app
  • Tap on this button and we'll apply your 15% monthly discount

The discount doesn't apply to phone line rental or call charges. Any credit will apply to your next bill and will last until your sync speed increases, or you change the package that you're on.

You'll be unable to claim the discount in the first 10 days after your service is activated. We regularly test your line, so you may experience speed variations. This is to ensure we can choose the best settings for you to deliver the most stable performance. Please keep your router connected and turned on.

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