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How do I change my Vodafone Broadband router’s Wi-Fi name or password?

You can find your Wi-Fi name and password on the back or base of your router. You can make changes to either of these using the Vodafone Broadband app or your computer.

Please note: all devices connected to the network will need to be reconnected after the name or password has been changed.

Using the Vodafone Broadband app

  1. Download the app and pair the app to the router
  2. Choose My Wi-Fi
  3. The Wi-Fi name is displayed with the password. To edit either of these, choose edit in the top right of the screen (for the Android app, choose the three vertical dots) and then edit the field you want to change

Using your computer

  1. Open a new web page and enter
  2. Log in using your router password or type vodafone if you haven’t created one
  3. Choose expert mode in the top right of the screen
  4. Choose Wi-Fi from the red banner
  5. On the General page under Main Wi-Fi, you can change the name
  6. Under Wi-Fi password, you can change your password
  7. Choose Change password and then Apply