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What are my options for resetting my router?

You can complete a power cycle to reset your router by following these steps.

  1. Power down your router by pressing and releasing the power button on the back of the router, unplugging the power cable of the router at the wall or by turning the router off using the main power button
  2. Leave the router off for 10 minutes and then turn it back on

This power cycle refreshes the router but doesn’t lose any changes you’ve made to the router, such as a personalised Wi-Fi username and password.

You can also complete a soft reset by following these steps.

  1. Go to your router home page and open a new web page
  2. In the address bar, type and enter the password ‘vodafone’
  3. Change basic mode to expert mode
  4. Choose settings in red tab. Set configuration and choose soft reset

You can also full factory reset the router, by pressing the pinhole in the back of the router next to the power button for 10 seconds.  This will reset all of your router's configurations.

Please note: full factory reset should only be done as a last resort.