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What do the lights mean on my router?

Red light: If your router is on and connected, you should always see a continuous red light at the bottom of your router (unless you’ve turned this off in the Vodafone Broadband app or the online portal).

  • If this red light is pulsing slowly, then your router is connecting to the internet
  • If the red light is flashing rapidly, then please restart your router using the router setup guide

The two status lights on the top of the router are your internet and Wi-Fi router, and they are turned off by default to save power. If you hold your hand above the router for a few seconds, they will turn on.

Internet light:  If your router is connected to the internet, your internet light should be continuously green.

  • If the green light is slowly pulsing green, it’s connecting to the internet
  • If it’s a constant red light, it isn’t connected to the internet.  Check that your cables are correctly connected and then restart the router using the power switch

Wi-Fi light: If your Wi-Fi light is a constant green light the Wi-Fi is active.

  • If it’s slowly pulsing green, there are no Wi-Fi devices connected to the router
  • If it’s flashing green, it’s establishing a WPS-pairing connection