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How do I use Reminder Call for Business Phone?

You can set your business landline phone to ring at a time you’ve programmed into it. You can pay monthly for unlimited use of Reminder Call, or you can get it on a pay-per-use basis. Please see the price plan guide. for details of the charges. To set up Reminder Call, key in *55*24 hour# on your business landline phone. The Reminder Call feature uses the 24-hour clock, so 6.30am is 0630 and 5.30pm is 1730. For example, to set up a reminder call for 3.30pm, you’d key in *55*1530#.

To cancel Reminder call, key in #55# on your business landline phone. To check the time of the reminder call, it’s *#55#.

Check the Vodafone Business Phone User Guide [PDF: 387KB] and price plan guide [PDF: 520KB] for more information. 

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