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How do I use Call Waiting with Business Phone?

If someone calls you while you’re already on a call, you’ll hear a gentle beep in the background to let you know someone is trying to reach you. To enable this service you have to add the feature to your landline.


If Call Waiting is activated, you can:

  • Put your current call on hold and take the incoming call
  • End your current call and switch to the incoming call
  • Continue with your current call and dial 1471 free from your landline afterwards to check the number that tried to reach you

How to use Call Waiting

  • To switch Call Waiting on, key in *43# on your business landline phone
  • To take the incoming call, press R
  • To return to your first caller, press R and just hang up to finish it
  • To check if Call Waiting is active, key in *#43# on your business landline phone
  • To switch Call Waiting off, key in #43# on your business landline phone

Check the Vodafone Business Phone User Guide [PDF: 387KB] and price plan guide [PDF: 520KB] for more information. 

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