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How do I use Call Divert on Business Phone?

To divert calls from your landline, simply key in *[code]* using one of these codes followed by the number you want to forward the calls to:

  • 21 – diverts all calls immediately to your chosen number
  • 61 – diverts calls not answered within 15 seconds
  • 67 – diverts calls when you’re on another call only

For example, if you want to divert all calls to your mobile number, you’d use *21*07xx xxx.

To turn off a specific Call Divert, key in #[code]# using the codes on this page.

To check which Call Divert option is on or off, key in *#[code]#. So if you want to check if all calls are being diverted if you’re on another call, you’d type *#67#.

Note: If Smart Divert is active on your landline, you can’t use Call Divert at the same time. If you want to switch from one service to the other, get in touch

Check the Vodafone Business Phone User Guide [PDF: 387KB] and price plan guide [PDF: 1.9MB] for more information. 


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