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What comes with the managed router service?

We’ll set up the router, as specified in your order, for any of the following routing options:

  • NAT – Network Address Translation (NAT) doesn’t require a static or fixed IP address. You can do this with DIA by either buying a Managed Customer Site Router or a Managed Firewall.
    Alternatively, you can use your own router or firewall to achieve NAT.
    (Note: NAT isn’t appropriate if you want to advertise your website on the Internet.)
  • STATIC – using static routing means you get a statically configured default route, so your web traffic can be routed to our Internet Backbone.
  • BGP – using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), a dynamic routing interface is established between you and Vodafone. BGP allows, and provides you with, control over the routes advertised to Vodafone and ultimately the wider internet.
    BGP is especially beneficial if you take more than one link from Vodafone and want to use the links for resilient service fail-over or load-balanced configurations.
  • HSRP – Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) will be deployed where we provide multiple Managed Customer Site Routers with resilient services.
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