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What types of static IP addresses does Vodafone support?

We support the following static IP addresses:

  • Provider Aggregateable (PA) – these addresses aren’t portable, so should you ever want to change provider, you won’t be able to take the addresses with you. These addresses aren’t chargeable.
  • Provider Independent (PI) – these addresses are fully portable, but are subject to a small charge. Your account manager can give you a price for these, or if you’re new to Vodafone, call free on 0808 004 4481 to discuss your requirements.

If you already have your own Autonomous System Network (ASN), or you’re looking to establish one, you’ll need your own PI address space. You’ll be required to manage the PI address space and set up route objects with the Internet Routing Registries. You can do this on the RIPE Network Control Centre website.

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