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Are there different limits for Leader/Parent Data Sharer Spend Manager limit?

Leaders of Data Sharer groups will have the option of a second Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager limit that covers their Group data sharing plans. These limits are in GB sizes, rather than in pound sterling like the main spend limit will be.

The Leader can also have the standard Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager limit that covers charges outside of data sharer plans. If a leader reaches 100% against their Data Sharer GB limit, the whole account will be barred from data.

The Leader/Parent Spend Manager is for the UK data plan that can be shared in UK and while roaming in business traveller zones if opted in. The Leader can have a second Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager limit for their own calls, texts and other data usage not in shared data allowance while roaming. Each Sharer would also have their own Vodafone Enterprise Spend Manager limit.

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