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What is covered by Vodafone Inclusive Damage Insurance and Vodafone Rapid?

The following is covered:

  • Accidental, water and liquid damage
  • Any breakdown that falls outside of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Tablets are covered by damage insurance but they’re not covered by the Vodafone Rapid Delivery Service. Subject to availability, any successful insurance claims for tablets will be serviced by our next-day replacement service.

The following is not covered:

  • Loss and Theft (unless you have upgraded your policy for an additional £4 a month – contact us on 0333 304 3346. Standard charges apply)
  • Your excess payment (£25, or £50 for Apple devices)
  • Damage where the device has been knowingly put at risk or not taken care of
  • Unauthorised call or data charges
  • Any deliberate damage, dents, scratches or other marks that do not stop it working normally
  • Pre-staged Apple DEP Devices

Please note: your policy could be cancelled if you make three successful claims within a 12-month period.

Certain postcodes are not eligible for the Rapid replacement service - you can see these in our Terms and Conditions. We also can’t guarantee the colour of the replacement device, and if an exact replacement is out of stock, an alternative device or delivery option may be offered.

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