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Can I watch the same Sky Sports programmes on my mobile device as I can on my TV?

From 18 July 2017 Sky Sports are offering the sports entertainment you love on a set of dedicated channels.

Pack 1 now includes:

  • Sky Sports Premier League
  • Sky Sports Action
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports News
  • Sky News

Pack 2 now includes:

  • Sky Sports Football
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports F1

Note: Sky Sports are also introducing two new channels, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Mix. These aren’t available on Sky Sports Mobile TV.

If you have a Sky Sports Mobile TV Pack 1 subscription as part of your Vodafone plan, or you’ve added a subscription to Pack 1 as a chargeable extra, you’ll have access to Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports News and Sky News.

As a loyalty bonus, we’re giving anyone who is already subscribed to Pack 1, or who subscribes before 23.59 on 22 August 2017, access to Pack 2, at no additional cost.

Also, if you subscribed to Sky Sports Mobile TV Pack 1 on Charge to Bill for £4.99 at least a month before 23 August 2017, you’ll continue on the rate of £4.99 and won’t be charged the new rate of £5.99.

If you started a £5 Charge to Bill subscription to Pack 2 before 18 July, the charge will be stopped and will be covered by your Pack 1 subscription.

If you’re already subscribed to Pack 1, or you subscribe before 23.59 on 22 August 2017, you’ll continue to have access to Pack 2 at no extra charge as long as you’re on an eligible Pay monthly plan which includes an entertainment pack. The discounted Charge to Bill rate of £4.99 for Pack 1 will continue until you cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your Sky Sports Mobile TV subscription at any time.