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How do I find the number for my Mobile WiFi device or data dongle?

There are many ways of finding the number of your Mobile WiFi device or Data Dongle, as shown on the following table:



Mobile WiFi

Data Dongle

Tablet (with your SIM)

Purchase receipt or welcome email

Your number can be found on your purchase receipt or welcome email 

My Vodafone app

Connect your device to mobile data or WiFi and log in to the My Vodafone app on that device 

My Vodafone online

If you’re registered with My Vodafone, you’ll find your number there. You need to log in with your mobile number and you’ll find the device number under Account Summary

Mobile Broadband


When your device is connected to your Mobile WiFi or Data Dongle, you can visit the Mobile Broadband Dashboard and then log in with your PIN (default PIN is admin).

Choose Device > Diagnostics from the dashboard menu

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