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If I use up all my data, minutes and texts in my Big Value Bundle, what call charges will I pay?

If you use up your Big Value Bundle data, minutes, and texts before the end of your 30 days and don’t renew your bundle, you’ll pay:

  • 35p a minute for standard UK calls
  • 14p to send a standard UK text message
  • £2 a day for 50MB of standard UK data and 10p a MB after this

Your Big Value Bundle will renew automatically every 30 days, as long as you have enough credit. For full details of our Pay as you go charges, see our UK call charges page.

Of course, we understand it can be frustrating if you exhaust your allowances before the 30 days are up.  You can renew your Big Value Bundle early each month if you need more minutes, texts and data.

To renew your Big Value Bundle, just text:

  • BVB5 to 49501 to renew your £5 Bundle
  • BVB10 to 49501 to renew your £10 Bundle
  • BVB20 to 49501 to renew your £20 Bundle
  • BVB30 to 49501 to renew your £30 Bundle

Messages are free from your Vodafone Pay as you go mobile and must be sent from the phone you want to apply the bundle to.

Alternatively, you can renew your bundle by calling 2345 (free from your Vodafone mobile).

We’ll text you when you’re close to using up your Big Value Bundle allowance to remind you of the options available.

When you renew you can choose a different Big Value Bundle, that will stay as your new monthly amount until you opt-out or renew to another amount (for example, if your £20 bundle runs out and you choose to renew with a £10 bundle instead, it’ll renew as a £10 bundle each month from that point).

Please note that any remaining calls or data can’t be carried over to the next 30-day period.