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What is data rollover on Pay as you go Big Value Bundles?

Data rollover lets you take unused UK data from your previous Big Value Bundle into the next 30-day period.

So, if you have 1GB left unused, it’ll be automatically rolled over to the next month, and at no extra cost. This will be reflected in your allowance on the My Vodafone app.

Please note: You’ll need to use any data that rolls over within the next 30 days. It won’t roll over two months in a row, so you can’t save it for longer than 30 days.

You won’t be eligible to roll over data if:

  • you renew you Big Value Bundle early
  • you change your Big Value Bundle
  • your Big Value Bundle isn’t renewed after 30 days of starting

Inclusive roaming data allowances on £30 Big Value Bundles aren’t included in rollover.

If you have rolled over data from the previous month, this will be reflected in the allowance you can see in your My Vodafone account and on the My Vodafone App.