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What if I buy Pay as you go 1 but have a Big Value Bundle, Smartstep, Smartplus, or other Pay as you go plan?

You're welcome to move over to Pay you go 1 if you think this price plan would be more suitable for you. To opt in to Pay as you go 1 just text PAYG1 to 49503 free from your Vodafone mobile

Please note: if you decide to opt into Pay as you go 1, you're agreeing to opt out of your current Big Value Bundle, Smartstep, Smartplus or other loyalty price plan, and will immediately lose any remaining allowances. If you want to use your allowances up first, please wait until you've used these up and then opt into Pay as you go 1.

Otherwise, if you're happy for your price plan to be removed immediately, then you can opt in to Pay as you go 1, even if you have some of your allowances remaining.

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