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My Sure Signal has stopped working – what should I do? How can I reset it?

Firstly, check that you’ve got everything in place for the Vodafone Sure Signal to work and that it’s set up correctly

If your Sure Signal still isn’t working:

  • Heavy internet usage such as online gaming or downloading large files can impact the Sure Signal’s performance as it relies on your broadband speed
  • If you haven’t used your Sure Signal for 3 months, we may have put a bar on it. Call us on 191 free from your Vodafone phone and we’ll remove it
  • If you have not used your Sure Signal for 12 months we will automatically de-register your device. After this point it will not be possible to re activate this on our network.

If your Sure Signal works fine normally, check our Community article for troubleshooting help

You can also try resetting it – start by choosing your version:

Sure Signal version 1

The one with four lights on the front

The reset button needs to be held in throughout the entire process below:

  1. Press and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds
  2. The LEDs will flash once from the top LED to the bottom LED in sequence
  3. Still holding in the reset button, remove the power cable from the Sure Signal for 10 seconds
  4. Keep the reset button held in and plug the power cable back into the Sure Signal
  5. Wait for the LEDs to flash once from the top LED to the bottom LED in sequence
  6. You can now release the reset button

Sure Signal version 2

The one with three lights on the front.

  1. Factory reset is performed by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds with the power cable plugged in. The LEDs will flash in sequence, then go out
  2. Release the reset button. There’s no need to remove the power cable for this model
  3. The device will now go into a predefined setup sequence, which can take anywhere between 20 minutes to six hours, depending on the speed of your connection

Sure Signal version 3

The plug in version

There are three stages of use for the reset button:

  1. Hold the reset button in for five seconds then release. This will result in a reset
  2. If you hold the button in for 10 or more seconds, the Sure Signal will be switched off
  3. The device can be turned back on by either pressing the reset button again or unplugging the device for 30 seconds and plugging it back in again

The full factory reset of the device and the reconnection to the network can take anywhere between 20 minutes to six hours to complete.