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How do I add new licences to my Vodafone Cloud Services Marketplace account?

If you need to buy additional licences for any of your Marketplace applications, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Account tab
  • Choose Applications 
  • On the Applications screen, choose Manage Apps from the left-hand menu
  • When you’ve found the application you want add a licence for, go to the Manage button and choose Manage Application from the drop-down list

Manage apps

  • This will take you to a new screen with five tabs – choose the one marked Upgrade Subscription 

Office 365 Premium

  • Choose the product or service you want to update (in our example, it’s Office 365 Business Premium) and enter the new total number of licences you want for your organisation. So if you already have one licence and want to add two more, enter the total as three.

    When you add your new licence(s), a credit will show. This is a pro-rata credit for the cost of the original number of licence(s) for the period between the date you added the licences and the next billing date.

    In our example, it’s £0.94 for the period of 28 November – 01 December, and equates to three days’ charges in November for the original Office 365 Business Premium licence, worked out as follows:
    Office 365 Business premium monthly licence fee£9.40
    Number of days in November30
    Price of a licence for one day£9.40 / 30 =  31.3333p 
    Number of days until the end of the month3
    Credit(31.3333p x 3) = £0.94

    Similarly, there will be a fee covering the cost of the new number of licences for the remainder of the billing month, minus the credit for the original licence(s). So in our example, it’s £1.88 – the pro-rated cost of three days’ charges for three licences (the original one, and the two new ones), minus the £0.94 credit:
    Price of three licences for three days(£0.313333 x 3 x 3) = £2.82
    Fee due at checkout£1.88

    This fee will be incorporated into your next month’s bill. We’ll also tell you what your new monthly charges will be for the new number of licences going forward.

Fee due at checkout

  • Choose Continue to go to the Confirm Order screen
  • Here you can review your changes. When you’re ready to proceed with the order, choose Place Order

Now you’re ready to assign the new licences to Users within your organisation.

Please note: If you add licences without assigning them to Users, you’ll still be charged for the cost of that unused licence.

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