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What’s the difference between Red Entertainment plans and Vodafone Passes?

Red Entertainment include a free subscription to either Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, or Sky Sports Mobile TV. 
While the subscription is included, accessing and streaming any of these services will use your plan’s data allowance.

Vodafone Passes allow you to use a range of apps and websites as much as you want, without using any of your standard monthly data allowance. Unfortunately, Vodafone Passes are no longer available to new customers. If you remove an existing Pass, you won’t be able add it again − or add any new Passes.

Vodafone Passes can work alongside a Red Entertainment subscription. For example, if you've chosen Spotify Premium and a Music pass, you won't pay a separate subscription to Spotify and can listen to as many tracks as you want without draining your standard data allowance – because using Spotify is covered by the Music Pass.

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