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Can I use Vodafone Passes when roaming?

If you’re roaming in one of our Roam-free destinations you can use any Vodafone Pass.

A fair usage policy of 5GB a month for each Pass applies. If you exceed the fair usage policy, any data usage which would have been covered by your Pass (such as using Facebook if you have a Social Pass) will come from your inclusive data allowance instead, which you can use free of charge in Roam-free destinations. And should you then reach the limit of your monthly data allowance, you’ll be charged at our standard out-of-plan rates

You can’t use your Vodafone Passes in our Roam-further or Rest of World destinations. Find out how much it costs to use data in these destinations

A €50 data spend cap is applied to all roaming data services. If you hit this cap while using your phone abroad, all data usage – including any Vodafone Pass usage – will be suspended until the spend cap is lifted at your request.

Please note: some app content may differ while roaming due to licensing agreements, so it’s worth checking each app that’s covered by your pass to find out what’s available in the country you’re visiting.

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