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What usage isn’t covered by Vodafone Passes?

Our Passes let you make the most of your favourite apps on the go – at home in the UK and within any of our Roam-free destinations. They also include access to each service on the web. But there are a few things that aren’t covered, and will use your monthly data instead:

  • You can’t use the Social Pass for streaming Twitter Live
  • You can’t use the Social Pass for Facebook Gameroom
  • You can’t use the Social Pass for Instagram video chat
  • You can’t use the Chat Pass for making video or voice calls through your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger apps
  • You can’t use the Music Pass to listen to podcasts on Spotify
  • You can’t use the Video Pass for streaming YouTube Gaming
  • You can’t use Passes to view content, including videos, from links that take you to another app or website that isn’t included within the Pass you’re using. So, if you click on a link that takes you out of an app that’s included in your purchased Pass, data used within that second app or external content would come out of your monthly data allowance (unless that second app or site is included in another Pass you have purchased).
    • For example, if you’ve got the Social Pass and are scrolling through Facebook and click onto a link to a trailer that takes you out of Facebook and into Netflix, then the Netflix data will be taken from your monthly allowance, if you don’t have a Video Pass as well.
  • The same applies to any content that’s downloaded from a site which isn’t included within your Pass, such as downloading a link from an external site onto your Pinterest board, or viewing content within the Discover section of Snapchat.

Please note: some apps display additional content such as adverts that play between songs on Spotify (picture, audio and video) or before YouTube videos – these adverts will come out of your monthly data allowance. Extensions or third party content such as location sharing/tracking, downloading and sending GIFs, sharing shopping links, the sticker market, external videos or maps and any app analytics may also come out of your monthly data allowance.

See our separate FAQ for what content is and isn’t covered when roaming.

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