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What is a Red Entertainment plan?

Red Entertainment plans are Pay monthly plans that give you access to your chosen amount of data, minutes and texts, along with a choice of entertainment subscription throughout your contract.

If you purchased your Red Entertainment plan with a handset after 15th August 2018 or a SIMO after 4th September, you’ll also get Global Roaming Plus and 500 international minutes of calls to use in 31 European destinations.


You can choose one of four entertainment subscriptions from leading brands Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, and Sky Sports Mobile TV. Your chosen entertainment will last throughout your contract, and cannot be changed.

Global Roaming Plus:

As of 15 August 2018 Global Roaming Plus has been included in Red Entertainment plans purchased with a handset. Global Roaming Plus gives you 29 additional roaming destinations [PDF: 1.86MB] at no extra charge, on top of the 48 Roam-free destinations [PDF: 627KB] you get with our standard plans.

500 International minutes:

Make calls to 31 destinations [PDF: 1.74MB] across Europe at no extra cost, so you can easily stay connected to the people you care about.

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