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How do international minutes work with Red Entertainment plans?

500 International minutes have been included in Red Entertainment plans bought with a handset since 15 August 2018 or a SIMO after 4th September. They can be used to make calls to both mobiles and landlines in 31 destinations [PDF: 1.74MB] across Europe at no extra cost, so you can easily stay connected to the people you care about.

Can you use your international minutes abroad?

If you are in a Global Roaming Plus destination you will be able to make calls using your international minutes, but if you are in a Roam-free destination you may not need to.

Calls to Roam-free destinations will come out of your standard minutes allowance, and calls to Vodafone Global Plus destinations will come out of your International minutes.

If you are in a Roam-further destination you will be able to make calls to the UK, or to the same destination as the one you are visiting at no extra charge – but will be charged international rates for calls to another destination.

What happens if you use more than 500 minutes?

If you use up all the international minutes included in your plan you will be charged 10p a minute for calls to the 31 European destinations included. If you regularly go over 500 minutes then you might want to consider buying an International Saver Extra so you can spend less on calls to friends and family abroad.

Adding an International Saver Extra to your Red Entertainment plan means you will use up your included international minutes first, followed by your International Saver Extra minutes.

How do I check how many international minutes I have left?

It’s easy to check your remaining allowance – simply log in to your My Vodafone account online or use the MyVodafone app. Alternatively, you chat to one of our advisers online.

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