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What is Vodafone Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net helps protect you and your family’s mobile devices when connected to our mobile network. We use a network security layer against threats from viruses or harmful files and websites, and block harmful content by redirecting you to a safe site. We also offer content filtering for children's devices and the ability to control access to website categories and additional whitelisting and blacklisting of specific sites.

It’s only available for Vodafone customers who connect devices to the Vodafone mobile network. It doesn’t work when connected to Wi-Fi, including with Vodafone Home Broadband.

How much does Vodafone Secure Net cost?

A free three-month trial is automatically added to Red Entertainment and Red Extra plans, after which it costs £1 a month – less than 4p a day – for each device it’s applied to.

How can I opt in or out of Vodafone Secure Net?

If you wish to opt out of Vodafone Secure Net, you can head to our portal to change your subscription settings. You can also use it to opt in if you’re not a customer already. Both functions are available at any time.

How can I change my settings?

There are a few different ways to change your settings on Vodafone Secure Net.

  • You can go to our portal to change your settings, view threat reports and more
  • Launch the Secure Net app on your phone (available for iOS and Android) to change your settings
  • Launch the My Vodafone app and under Products and services choose My plan overview and scroll down to Secure Net. The Manage my settings link will take you to the portal. Please note: You’ll only be able to see this if you’re an existing Secure Net customer