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What is Vodafone Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net helps protect you and your family’s mobile devices when they’re connected to our mobile network. You can use it to restrict family members’ access to certain types of web content, and it protects against threats from viruses or harmful files and websites by blocking harmful content

When content is blocked, we’ll send a text message which will direct you to a warning page. There you can choose whether you wish to continue to the website.

You can add multiple phones and tablets to your Secure Net in the Secure Net portal, where you can also:

  • Set up child-safe browsing to block access to certain categories of websites (for example adult or violent content)
  • Set up Family Time to restrict the times your children can go online
  • Choose to ‘Allow’ websites that you trust and block those you don’t
  • Select which websites you want to ‘Allow’ and block within a category (for example, you could block social networks as a category, but ‘Allow’ an exception for Facebook)

When adding numbers to your Secure Net you can assign roles to that number.

  • Child means you have total control over their settings and security features
  • Shared means you can control that individual’s settings, but they are able to change the rules you’ve set for them

Secure Net is only available for Vodafone customers, across all devices and operating systems, when connecting to the internet on our mobile network. It doesn’t work when connected to Wi-Fi, even if you have Vodafone Home Broadband.

It’s automatically added to Red and Red Value plans bought from 16 February 2017 with a free 3-month trial, after which it costs £1 a month for each device it’s applied to.