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How do I set up child-safe browsing?

Block Manually:

  1. Visit the Secure Net portal, log in, then choose Content Control
  2. Choose which types of website you’d like to block, including Adult (over 18)/Hate/Violence and Weapons/Drugs and Crime/Alcohol and Tobacco/Dating/Social Networks

Please note: blocking a category will affect related apps. To allow a blocked category, manage Always Allow List or any other settings. Please report any content blocked in error or categorised incorrectly to us by emailing contentclassification@vodafone.com

Blocking through Profiles:

  1. Log in to the Secure Net portal then choose Content Control
  2. Choose Profile types from Safe, Super Safe, Ultra Safe, Custom and None
  3. Each Profile is set up to block certain categories

Please note: once a profile is assigned to your child’s number, related categories will be automatically blocked. Categories can be added or deleted from the pre-set list and saved as a ‘custom’ profile.

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