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How do notifications work with Vodafone Secure Net?

Blocking harmful content (When Secure Net is activated)

  1. The download of a harmful or unsafe file will be blocked, and a text message will be sent to alert you
  2. If you access an unsafe website, you’ll be redirected to a warning page where you can choose to continue or not
  3. If you have any Child or Shared accounts, they’ll be notified directly by text if they attempt to download an unsafe file, and be redirected to the warning page if they try to visit a harmful website or a website or app that is blocked on their account. They can’t override the warning and continue onto the page or app. They can also view their security events on their own Secure Net portal

Linked accounts

  1. If you link your family’s numbers under a single Secure Net account using the Secure Net portal, you’ll receive notifications confirming successful and broken links
  2. Broken links happen commonly with Pay as you go accounts. When there isn’t sufficient credit on the account for a period of seven days, the service will automatically stop. You can link the account again at any time from your Secure Net portal
  3. For other incidents, go to the reporting page for the relevant person on your Secure Net portal and view information on events like blocked content visits, file download with viruses and visiting an unsafe website
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