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Does Vodafone Secure Net protect me from everything?

Secure Net protects your phone or tablet from viruses, malware and other harmful content when connected to the internet on our mobile network.

If you use your mobile device over other networks or Wi-Fi (including Vodafone Home Broadband), you won’t be protected and you may get a virus on your phone.

Secure Net also can’t protect your mobile device, even while connected to our network, if you:

  • Change your Access Point Name (APN) settings
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service
  • Use a proxy service
  • Access a site using a https secure connection
  • Use smartphone data compression services
  • Use a browser that can compress and/or encrypt traffic (except Nokia Xpress, Microsoft BOS, Google Chrome and the Vodafone version of Opera mini)
  • Use selected email protocols (except HTTP, POP3 and SMTP)

Secure Net isn’t a traditional anti-virus and can’t be used to remove viruses, malware or other content already on your device. If you need to remove a virus, you’ll need to go to your relevant App store and download an anti-virus clean up tool.

For details on how Secure Net can protect your children from accessing inappropriate websites and content, see our FAQ on child-safe browsing