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How do I locate my phone using Find & Ring on Secure Net?

To use the Find & Ring feature, make sure you’ve set it up in the Secure Net app

To locate your phone, log in to the Secure Net app (available for iOS and Android devices) or portal and follow these steps:

  • You’ll have received an email when you set up Secure Net. In this email select Locate your device
  • If the email has expired, you’ll be asked to enter your registered mobile number to generate a new email
  • The service will connect to your device and then show you its approximate location on a map
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to ring your device
  • You’ll then receive confirmation that your device is ringing. The ringing will last for 10 seconds, and then your device will return to standby.

If you can’t find your phone using Find & Ring, you might need to report it as lost or stolen.


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