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How do I avoid expensive calls on my Vodafone Home Phone?

We have some great Extras that offer inclusive calls, so you don’t have to worry about getting an unexpected bill. Take a look at our Vodafone Home Phone features and call charges, or get in touch to discuss your options, on 08080 034 515 (free from all UK landlines and mobiles).

Types of calls to watch out for

  • Calls to premium rate numbers

Non-geographical and premium rate numbers (beginning with 0800 and 08080) are typically more expensive to call than UK landline numbers (beginning with 01, 02 and 03).

Premium rate call charges are made up of two parts - access charges and service charges.

The access charge part of the call goes to your phone company and is charged as pence per minute. Access charges can be found in our price guide

The service charge is decided by the company you’re calling, and they must tell you how much this is. It will usually be at the start of the call.

  • Calls to international numbers

Calls to international numbers can also be more expensive to call than UK landline numbers. The cost depends on the country you’re calling. These call costs can also be found in our price guide

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