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Why is there a noise on my home phone when I pick it up?

There could be a number of reasons: 
  • If you hear a stuttered dial tone you might have a voicemail message, so try dialling 1571 to hear it. Once you’ve listened to it and saved or deleted it, the stuttered dial tone should disappear.
  • Don’t have voicemail but still getting a stuttered dial tone? You could be using another of your phone’s features. Take a look at the Phone user guide  for all the features available and check your settings.
  • If you’re hearing any other noise (like a crackling line), check the wiring around your phone sockets and extensions in case any of it has come loose. Swap the phone for one that definitely works and, if the problems continue, call us on 08080 034515. Calls are free from landlines and Vodafone mobiles, and charged at your operator’s standard rate from other mobiles.
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