Moving home

I’ve just moved home, and my internet isn’t on yet

We’re sorry you can’t get online right now – let’s find out what’s happening. 

1. First, check your go-live date

Your internet will be scheduled to go live on a certain date, which may be after your installation. Check your date in our online tracker tool. Your broadband connection should start by midnight on that day. 

Please wait until your go-live date has passed before proceeding – your device should not be reset during this time. 

If your order status says Activation complete, then your go-live date has passed and you should be able to get online. In this case, a factory reset could resolve things.

2. Let’s do a factory reset

When you move and bring your router with you, you’ll need to do a factory reset before you can connect in your new home. This resets your device to the default settings.

How to do a factory reset

  1. Insert a small, sharp-pointed object into the small 'RESET' hole on the back of your router and hold for 10 - 15 seconds.
  2. After 10 - 15 seconds, remove the object and wait for the device to reset.

All settings in your router will be deleted during this process. If you were using a custom WiFi name and password for your network, resetting the router will restore these to the default versions.

To connect to the internet now, you’ll need to enter the default network name and password for your router - which can be found on the back of the device. Head over to our Device Guides for help with this. 

It's simple to change back to your custom WiFi name and password when you’re back online - just head to our Change WiFi password page

3. If you’re still having problems connecting, head over to the support hub

If your go-live date has passed and a factory reset hasn’t resolved everything, please head over to our Broadband Support hub for a little extra help. 

Still no connection? Please start a chat with us.

My broadband’s been disconnected, but I haven’t moved out yet

We’re sorry there’s been a mix-up.

Please open a chat with us and we’ll get you back online ASAP.