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Re-booting your One Net Cisco Switch

Restoring Service During this Incident

OPTION 1: Powering down and powering up (rebooting) your Cisco Switch will restore your service on a temporary basis until a permanent fix is instated.

OPTION 2: Factory resetting your desk phone will apply a permanent fix. However, your personal settings such as call logs, personal directory and short keys on the phone will be deleted.



Re-booting your One Net Cisco Switch:

These instructions have to be completed on all Switches.

In your server room or location, you need to locate the Cisco Switch. These come in two versions. 24 Port and 48 Port. For larger customers there will be multiple Cisco Switches on your office and they may be in different locations.

The Switch will look like the following image (the 48 port variant will have 48 ports rather than 24):

Cisco router

Your Switch will have a kettle-style black cable powering it up, coming out of the circled power port.

Once you have located all the Cisco Switches follow these steps:

  • Locate the black power cable
  • Remove the power cable from the Switch, wait 10 seconds and plug the cable back in
  • If you can’t reach the power cable connected to the Switch, you can trace the cable to where it is plugged to the mains and remove it from the mains
  • When you reconnect the power, the lights on the front should start coming on
  • All phones in the office will disconnect and then reconnect
  • Once they’ve all reconnected, test the phones by calling a number and checking if the call sets up normally


Rebooting Individual desk phones:

If you are unable to locate the Cisco Switch you can reboot individual desk phones to restore service.

Desk phone front and back

  • There will be one cable connecting your phone to the Local Network
  • Unplug that cable
  • Wait 5 seconds and plug the cable back in.
  • Make a test call to check if the service is restored



Please be aware that personal settings such as call history, personal directory and short keys will be deleted if you follow Option 2

  • When your Cisco IP Phone is powered up, press the button with the Paper Icon with top right folded, circled in the image

Desk phone

  • A menu will open – use the circular navigation keys to scroll

Cisco router

Desk phone

  • Scroll down to Factory Reset and press select
  • Press OK and allow the phone to complete the reset – this can take up to 10 minutes.
  • If the issue persists please repeat the process

Desk phone

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