How do I deactivate Secure Net?

You can cancel your Secure Net subscription either at the end of your 3-month trial or any time after. 

You can deactivate Secure Net in the following ways:

Using My Vodafone

You can deactivate at any time using the My Vodafone app, or by logging into My Vodafone:

I'm using the My Vodafone app 

  1. Tap the Current charges tile
  2. Choose Extras
  3. Select Manage Controls and Extras
  4. Pick Mobile data options
  5. Here you will see a Vodafone Secure Net section
  6. Expand it, and slide the slider to the left to turn it off
  7. A success message will display, and Secure Net will be deactivated

I logged into My Vodafone 

  1. Select Manage your controls and limits
  2. Choose the Extras tab
  3. Go to Active extras
  4. Press the Remove button to remove Secure Net

Using Vodafone Secure Net app

To deactivate your subscription, open the settings menu within the Vodafone Secure Net app and tap unsubscribe.