How do I activate and set up a device with eSIM?

Please note: eSIMs are only available for Vodafone Pay Monthly customers with a compatible device

Setting up your smart phone

Find out how to activate and set up an eSIM specifically for your phone.

Secondary devices

If you're using an Apple Watch or other eSIM device, you can activate your secondary device in My Vodafone. Simply follow the instructions onscreen.

  1. Go to Account settings
  2. Go to Swap your SIM
  3. Choose your device from the drop-down list
  4. Next you're asked 'What type of SIM are you swapping to?' Choose eSIM 
  5. On the next screen, type in your EID number (EID). Find out how to get your SIM number or EID

We'll send you an email when activation is complete.

If you need to order an eSIM, chat to us online.

Do you have a dual SIM device? 

Find out how to set up a dual SIM using eSIM