What happens if I delete my eSIM?

Don’t worry if you’ve accidentally deleted your eSIM – we’ll email you a new QR code. You can use it to reactivate your eSIM if you need it or simply redownload it to your device: 

  • Go to Settings > mobile data > add data plan 
  • The deleted eSIM profile will be available to redownload 

If you’ve accidentally deleted your eSIM from an Apple Watch – log in to My Vodafone and carry out an eSIM swap.  

  • Select Settings 
  • Choose View on the plan you want to edit 
  • Under Manage SIM and switching, choose Activate my SIM 
  • Follow the instructions for eSIM swap 

If you no longer need your eSIM or wish to cancel your Vodafone OneNumber, let us know by calling 191.