What Vodafone EVO plans are available?

Our Device Plans allow you to buy phones, watches, laptops and tablets with flexibility. Choose your upfront amount and the length of your device plan.

Device Plans are available for our Consumer and Sole Trader customers only. If you are trading as any other type of business customer, plans may differ – call us on 191 to find out more.

Phone Plans

Our Phone Plans cover the monthly cost of your phone. All new phones include Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty as part of our Lifetime Service Promise. Phone Plans are sold with Xtra Airtime Plans, covering the cost of your monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts.

Watch Plans

We have Connectivity Plans for our range of smartwatches. These share the data, texts and minutes from your phone’s airtime allowance with your smartwatch. All Watch Plans also come with our Two-year Warranty.

Laptop and Tablet Plans

Tablet and Laptop Plans are sold with Data Plans, which covers the cost of your monthly data allowance. All Tablet Plans include Two-year Warranty.

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