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How do I change my bundle?

You can change your bundle to increase your monthly allowance of texts, minutes or data, but there may be an additional charge if this is not part of your upgrade. Please note: you can only reduce your bundle when you’re eligible for an upgrade

There are several ways you can upgrade your bundle:

How to add an extra

We have a range of extras  you can add to your bundle. You can opt into and out of these extras on My Vodafone

For Pay monthly and Pay as you go customers, just follow these steps:

Log in or register for My Vodafone and then select the device you want to add an extra to. Select ‘See usage details’ followed by ‘Managed Services.’

•You can then select the type of extra you’d like (e.g. ‘Data or Text & Picture Messages’).
•Once chosen, click ‘See Services’ where you can view and select ‘Extra Packs’ and add to your account.

You can use our data calculator to help you decide which data extra to purchase or which bundle to choose, based on likely usage.

Alternatively, see our tips for managing your monthly spendif you want to stay on your current bundle.