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How do I change my age-restricted content settings?

Whether you’re using our mobile network or home broadband to get online, you can change your age-restricted content settings. 


There are a few ways to change age-restricted content settings for your devices using mobile data to get online. 

Vodafone Secure Net

If you’ve got Secure Net, you can restrict yours and your family’s access to certain types of content using the Vodafone Secure Net app, or by logging in to Secure Net online

To prove you’re over 18, we’ll ask you to verify your age with a credit card. Don’t worry though – we don’t take payment.

My Vodafone online 

  1. Log in to your My Vodafone account
  2. From your Account summary, choose the plan you want to change age-restricted content settings for
  3. Then, from the navigation menu, choose Services and extras > Bars and data alerts
  4. Find the Age-restricted online content bar
  5. To turn off this bar, set it to NO – to turn it on, choose YES
  6. If you’re changing this for the first time, you’ll need to verify your age with a credit card – don’t worry, we won’t take payment
  7. Give it 10 minutes, then restart the device

Your settings should update – and you should get a text from us confirming they have. Sometimes this can take up to 24 hours. 

I don’t have a credit card

If you haven’t got a credit card to verify your age, take photo ID – your passport or driving license – to your one of our stores. A store adviser can use this to verify your age. Use our Store Locator to check if your local store is now open.

Home broadband 

To keep yourself and your family safe online, you can choose to restrict access to certain content and websites. 

We set your content control settings to OFF by default. That way, you can decide what works for you and your household.

Log in to your online account to change your content control settings any time. 

What about my business account? 

Find out how to change age-restricted content settings for a business account

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