How do I manage my spend limits and data caps?

Update your controls and limits to help manage your spending:

Is there anyone who can’t use a data cap? 

If you bought your Pay monthly plan before these dates, we can’t cap your data:  

  • Mobile: 5 May 2016 
  • Mobile broadband: 28 September 2016 

We’ll let you know when you’ve reached 80% and 100% of your data allowance. 

Spend limits when you’re travelling abroad  

If your travel destination isn’t included in your plan, you’ll hit your spend limit faster than usual – you might want to set a higher spend limit. Check if it’s included before you travel through our Roaming charge checker 

Data caps when you’re travelling abroad 

If you have an Unlimited data plan, your data is capped at 25GB a month in your roaming destinations. 

If you’re on another Pay monthly plan, you might have a different data cap. Start a chat with us so we can check this for you. 

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