I’m part of the military – can I suspend my contract if I’m deployed?

If you’re deployed in the military, you can apply for a break in your phone contract for up to three years. 

During this time, you won’t have access to your Vodafone services, and you won’t be charged. 

To apply for a break in your contract 

  1. Complete our British Armed Forces form 
  2. Email your form to armedforcescontractbreak@help.vodafone.co.uk – make sure you include your military ID and letter confirming your deployment  

Unlock your phone to use it with international providers 

You have the option to unlock your phone free of charge, allowing you to use it with international providers. To do this, you need to request a network unlock code 

What happens to my insurance if I suspend my contract?  

Your Vodafone Insurance will continue unless you cancel it. If you choose to continue paying for insurance, you’ll still be able to make claims as you’re covered worldwide. However, replacement devices can only be sent to a UK address. 

To cancel your insurance, call us on 0333 304 3346